15 Tips: How To Perform Expert Chin-ups

There are many videos and books claiming to teach and show how chin-ups should be expertly performed. You probably won’t find one with the detailed instructions and advise as is in this article. It will pay for you to click over to the original -and not hurry – because – although there is a lot to learn – the author, an expert himself,  makes it easy. 

15 Tips: How To Perform Expert Chin-ups

By Bret Contreras

1. Multiple Methods Can Work

2. There Are Three Primary Grips and Their Muscle Activation Requirements

3. Master the Shoulder-Width Supinated Chin-Up First

4. Methods for Those Who Are Currently Unable to Perform a Bodyweight Chin-Up

Here are some of the more popular methods for those who can’t yet perform a chin-up:

  • Eccentric chin-ups

  • Band-assisted chin-ups

  • Gravitron (machine-assisted) chin-ups

  • Lat pulldowns

5. The Most Difficult Portion of the Chin-Up is the Bottom Position

6. Pros & Cons of Eccentric Chin-Ups

7. Pros & Cons of Band-Assisted Chin-Ups

8. Pros & Cons of Gravitron (Machine-Assisted) Chin-Ups

9. Pros & Cons of Lat Pulldowns

10. Rows and Deadlifts Maintain and Possibly Build Chin-Up Strength

11. Curls Aren’t Highly Effective in Building Chin-Up Strength

12. RKC Planks and Hollow Body Holds for Better Chin-Up Form

13. Frequency is Key

14. Anthropometry Impacts Chin-Up Performance

15. Body Composition Also Impacts Chin-Up Performance

Sample Routine


So there you have it – 15 tips to help you achieve your first unassisted chin-up. As a personal trainer, I can tell you that there are few things that bring as much joy to a client as when they perform their first chin-up. Huge smiles and incidents of jumping for joy are sure to follow. I hope that this article has provided some value in steering you in the right direction. Keep your chin up!

Click here to read the original article with all the photos and detaied instructions.

photo credit: Flickr/ Drew And Merissa https://www.flickr.com/photos/drewandmerissa/224717447


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