Are These Common Beliefs Correct?

Below is a list of popular “facts” that aren’t exactly the way people have become accustomed to believe. In fact- they aren’t even true. Check them out – and the video below.

1. “Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker.”

Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker. Shaving the hair makes the hair grown back feeling coarse thus making it appear darker and thicker.

2. “Nicotine causes cancer.”

Nope, tar and chemicals in the vapor cause cancer. Nicotine is what makes it addicting.

3. “Did you know that the big bang was a giant explosion?”

The big bang was an expansion of outer space, not an explosion.

4. “Coffee is made from a bean.”

Not quite right. What we refer to as coffee beans are actually seeds.

5. “Goldfish only remember things for 3 seconds.”

They can actually remember things for a pretty long time.

6. “Did you know that water spins the opposite direction down the drain in different hemispheres.”

Actually it’s the same everywhere. The Coriolis effect, which is what people claim causes water to spin in the opposite direction, is too weak to be visible going down the drain.

7. “Chameleons change their color as a disguise to match their environment.”

Chameleons change their color to communicate with other chameleons and the camouflage part is kind of a bonus.

8. “Going out in the cold with a wet head will make you sick.”

In fact, colds are caused by a virus — so people who go outside with wet hair are not more likely to get sick than those who don’t.

9. “Did you know that Einstein failed at math when he was young?”

According to Einstein, he mastered differential and integral calculus before he was 15.

10. “Did you know that a ducks quack doesn’t echo?”

Actually, a duck’s quack echoes pretty well.

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