Can Skipping Breakfast Help Lose Weight?

Just published research data in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has challenged the long standing notion that eating or skipping breakfast can be used to control weight loss.

However, the critics of the recently published study point out that the study published was done for a short period of time and to analyze the changes of internal health will need more time.

Background: Breakfast is associated with lower body weight in observational studies. Public health authorities commonly recommend breakfast consumption to reduce obesity, but the effectiveness of adopting these recommendations for reducing body weight is unknown.

Objective: We tested the relative effectiveness of a recommendation to eat or skip breakfast on weight loss in adults trying to lose weight in a free-living setting.

Conclusions: A recommendation to eat or skip breakfast for weight loss was effective at changing self-reported breakfast eating habits, but contrary to widely espoused views this had no discernable effect on weight loss in free-living adults who were attempting to lose weight.

by Hamilton Beach

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