Can you improve your health with this simple and effective detox program?

You probably heard about detoxification programs before. Some are invasive, requiring transfusions. Others claim that some nutrients taken by mouth can be effective too. These pills turn out to be expensive and you don’t really believe some of their “testimonials”. These have been advertised widely – but until now there really hasn’t been any proven safe and effective system offered practiced by a medical professional.

This article , which summarizes an interview by Dr. Mercola with Dr George Yu provides the method he found to work. Dr. Yu is a a graduate of Tufts University Medical School, doing his surgical training at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. For the last 35 years, he’s been associated with George Washington University. Dr. Yu has been, and still is, involved with some very exciting clinical trials to help detoxify people from the Gulf War,  and 9/11 rescue workers exposed to toxic debris and in the past, Agent Orange. Individuals suffering with chronic health problems stand to derive the most benefits from the detox program he describes. He found that niacin, exercise, and sauna did the trick.  Here are excerpts of the interview.

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