Can You Spot Completely Meaningless Health Food Labels?

When you spend your hard-earned money on a food claiming to be more ethical or healthier than its competitors, you feel duped when you find out that claim is essentially meaningless. Yet, it happens a lot, thanks to the lack of regulations around feel-good claims like “natural” and “free-range.” And those are just two of the biggest offenders. These 11 meaningless claims are all too common on food packages, so consider yourself forewarned—don’t buy foods with these words on the box!

When we’re at the supermarket, thousands of different food products compete for our attention simultaneously. Just about everyone is looking for healthy-sounding options for themselves and their families, so food companies don’t pass up an opportunity to make their products sound as healthy as possible by slapping on a whole host of grandiose claims. Unfortunately, many of those are completely meaningless.

“What does “all-natural” even mean? For example, the term “all-natural” has been tacked onto everything from potato chips to cola, but the FDA has no official definition for what that term means. The definition of “natural” is “made or caused by nature, not humankind,” so technically speaking, unless you’re talking about a bunch of foraged celery, it’s most likely anything but all-natural.

Here is a list of “Completely Meaningless” labels:

Made with Real Fruit

Made with Whole Grains

Contains Omega-3




No Additives

Raised Without Antibiotics



You can get the whole story on each one by clicking here.

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