Do You Know How to Apply Your Sunscreen Properly?

When buying sunscreen, do you, know which SPF is best, what kind of sunscreen works best for which skin type, etc.

A very informative article in sums up all you need to know. The editors interviewed Dr. Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and Director of Dermatologic Research at Division of Dermatology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He indicated what you need to know to properly apply sunscreen. Here’s a digest of what the good doctor had to say  – you can click here to get the complete interview.

First of all, what is the rule of thumb when it comes to SPF coverage? SPF 15 is really the minimum, but I always recommend at least SPF 30.

We’ve all heard that you need to apply at least a shot glass of sunscreen to cover the entire body.  How do you equate that to the sunscreen sprays with creams and gels? You can’t. there’s no equivalent with the physical sunscreens when it comes to the sprays.

Are there sunscreens that work better for different types of skin? Acne prone, for example? If you use multiple formulas that do various things and apply them regularly, you might see a higher success rate than using one formula that only does one thing.

Is there a trick to applying sunscreen? Yes! Apply it twenty minutes before going outside, and it works best if you slather it on wet skin.

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