Fracking Case Results In $3 Million Award

“Fracking” is a way of extracting natural gas from deep in the earth below. It used to be too expensive, but because many accessible wells have been exhausted, resulting in gas scarcity and rising prices, the methods and equipment necessary to drill deep below the earth’s surface, became affordable. It involves drilling until the source is located, pumping in water, sand and chemicals which will result in the gas being raised and stored. At the end, when this source is exhausted, the contaminated water remains, with the possibility of poisoning the adjacent water supply. During the course of all this activity, other hazardous environmental conditions may result. The following account involves one aspect of the possible hazards and unfortunate results. Read on!

A Texas family has been awarded $2.9 million in a lawsuit over personal injury and property damage related to fracking.

In 2008, the Parr family started having serious health issues. They sued Aruba Petroleum, which operates natural gas wells near their home.

The Parrs argue that the company’s activities created toxic air pollutants and diesel exhaust. Aruba says it met state regulations, and the company plans to appeal.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Lisa Parr, who brought the lawsuit along with her husband and daughter, and lawyer Brad Gilde, who represented them. Click below to listen to the interview, 

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