How To Do Expert Push-ups

How To Do Expert Push-ups

For the best results, “Make sure your body is in a straight line from your head to your ankles,” Bevan says. “In the start position, ensure your hands are slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart, with your wrists directly below your shoulders.” Bevan says research has shown that using a narrower hand placement results in the highest muscle activity, in both the chest and triceps.

“Lower your body to the floor by bending your elbows (keeping your body rigid) until your chest touches the floor, then press back up (straightening your elbows).” A slightly wider foot position will also help to improve your balance. Be sure to avoid the common mistakes made by beginners (and even those bodybuilders you see performing dozens on the gym floor), such as letting your hips and lower back sag towards the floor, particularly as you get tired.

An extremely wide hand placement will also affect your ability to perform push-ups. Remember, “Progressive overload is the key to success, so, making small, incremental improvements each week is crucial. Even if that means just one more rep!” Bevan says.

Injury warning: “Underdeveloped triceps or a weak core will affect your ability to perform push-ups,” Bevan says. “Any type of shoulder injury will most likely affect your ability to practise push-ups, as will any elbow or triceps injury.”

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15 ‘Next Level’ Push-Up Variations

1. Weighted Plate Push-Ups

These are performed like the classic version, but the weighted plate on your back adds extra resistance, requiring your muscles to work harder. After you perform Weighted Plate Push-Ups, bodyweight Push-Ups will feel much easier.

2. Resistance Band Push-Ups

This variation has benefits similar to Weighted Plate Push-Ups, because they increase the resistance and require more muscle activation. Using a resistance band places your muscles under tension throughout the entire movement, even during the relaxation phase (when you are lowering yourself).

3. Diamond Push-Ups

These are great if you want to target your triceps more than your chest muscles. Similar to a Close Grip Bench Press, place your hands close together in the shape of a diamond, forcing your triceps to become the prime mover during the movement.

4. Fingertip Push-Ups

These build strength in your fingers and hands—essential for sports where strong grips are needed, such as basketball, football and baseball.

5. Decline BOSU Ball Push-Ups

This variation requires balance, meaning more stabilizer muscles must activate. Elevating your feet ups the difficulty by decreasing your leverage and increasing intensity. This is a great exercise for baseball players, because it builds strength and stability in the shoulders.

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