Is Heart Health Tied to Better Cognition

The condition we probably dread mightily is “cognitive impairment”. Regardless of what is going on physically – we most fear “losing it”. What condition creates more fear than “Alzheimer’s”, or “senility. A study recently reported did indeed relate “cognitive impairment” to heart health. That doesn’t mean either full blown Alzheimer’s or senility, but we are on on the way (“cognitive decline”). Better cardiovascular health was associated with a lower likelihood of developing cognitive impairment in both black and white individuals, an analysis of the study showed.

The study Reported in the Journal of The American Heart Association concluded that “Compared with low cardio vascular health, CVH, intermediate and high CVH were both associated with substantially lower incidence of cognitive impairment. We did not observe a dose‐response pattern; people with intermediate and high levels of CVH had similar incidence of cognitive impairment. This suggests that even when high CVH is not achieved, intermediate levels of CVH are preferable to low CVH. The association was similar in blacks and whites, as well as outside and within the Southeastern stroke belt region of the United States.

Check out the full digests in medpagetoday and Journal of The American Heart Association.

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