Texas Judge Under Fire Over Immigrant Housing Plan

Judge Clay Jenkins (center) is pictured announcing possible sites for housing unaccompanied children in Dallas County. He tweeted this photo with the caption “In Texas we take care of children.” (@JudgeClayJ/Twitter)

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is facing criticism for a plan to house children crossing the border from Mexico illegally. He says they could be housed at a local middle school, an alternative education building and a warehouse at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Jenkins is a Democrat and Republicans are blasting him over the plan, saying the local school system and health care delivery system will be overtaxed by people who won’t be able to contribute to that cost.

Jenkins speaks to Here & Now’s Robin Young to discuss his plan and respond to critics, including a county commissioner who says the judge is turning a federal problem into a county problem with no input from the county.


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