What Are The Least Popular Days To Exercise?

Many approach exercising as a necessary chore, but don’t really look forward to the required exertion. Comes along studies that claim there are in fact more popular days and less popular ones too.

Most and Least Popular Days for Exercise

The first day of the week is a lot like the first day of the new year. The most popular day of the week to exercise is Monday. Not surprisingly, the least popular is Friday. That’s the word from Jawbone, the maker of computer-connected fitness bands, which collected data from a sample of more than 100,000 of its U.S. users over a one-year period.

USA Today reports that we tend to lose our resolve on the weekend when it comes to diet and exercise, so we begin the new week with a flourish of activity–be it running, walking or hitting the gym. But as the week goes on, we gradually lose that exercise discipline.

Percentage of Jawbone users who work out:
Monday: 15.2 percent
Tuesday: 15 percent
Wednesday: 14.8 percent
Thursday: 14.3 percent
Friday: 13.3 percent
Saturday: 13.8 percent
Sunday: 13.6 percent

The Jawbone survey also discovered that gym workouts–from cross-training to weight-lifting–are most popular on Mondays, while there is an increase in outdoor activities on the weekend.

“There’s a new week resolution effect,” said Monica Rogati, Jawbone’s vice president of data told USA Today. “People are pumped about their workout, going to the gym. As it goes by, people slowly drop the routine.”


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