What Are The Top Causes Of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is quite common – very often it starts almost without any recognition. Very slowly, hearing ability begins to be impaired to the point until it becomes noticeable. It is important to consult early on with an audiologist to find out how much destruction has occurred, and what can be done  to halt any further loss, and if any devices are necessary to restore full function. Below are excerpts from a post in www.webmd.com, highlighting the major hear loss causes. You can click here to get all the details.

Ongoing Exposure to Noise on the Job
     Long-term exposure to continuous loud noise can cause lasting hearing loss
Injury or Pressure Changes
     Severe head trauma can dislocate middle-ear bones or cause nerve damage, causing permanent hearing loss
     Some medicines are known to cause hearing loss as a potential side effect.
Chronic Disease
     Certain chronic diseases that are not directly related to the ear can cause hearing loss.
Tumors and Growths
     Noncancerous growths, including osteomas, exostoses, and benign polyps, can block the ear canal, causing        hearing loss.
Explosive Noises
     Nearly 17% of U.S. adults have some degree of hearing loss. Sometimes it is caused by very loud and sudden       noises
Concerts, Loud Noises, and Tinnitus
     Loud concert? Ringing in your ears afterward? That’s called tinnitus
Headphones and Earbuds
     Can others hear the music and lyrics you’re listening to through earphones? If so, you may want to turn                  down the volume.
Earwax Buildup
     Earwax protects the ear canal against dirt and bacteria. But earwax can build up and harden. This blockage            can affect hearing.
Childhood Illness
     Many childhood illnesses can cause hearing loss. Ear infections can cause the middle ear to fill with fluid and         cause hearing loss
Hearing Loss at Birth
     Some children are born with hearing loss. This is called congenital hearing loss.
     Hearing weakens as you grow older.
article source: http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/ss/slideshow-causes?ecd=wnl_men_070214&ctr=wnl-men-070214_ld-stry&mb=hwnGNUnSrg0vGlwdf4GOymdEpmNqbUHLMTREUPYd8kU%3d
photo credit: Google Images http://hearinglosspill.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Avoid-Conductive-Hearing-Loss-.png

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